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PT Hikari Teknologi Indonesia was established on November 6, 2014   in accordance with Notary Deed Number 01 with Notary Drs. Mokhammad Husni Thamri, SH,. M.Kn dated November 6, 2014 regarding the establishment and change of name to "PT Hikari Teknologi Indonesia or abbreviated as PT HTI with the business fields of general contractor, labor, supplier of consumables.

PT Hikari Teknologi Indonesia always makes the best efforts to meet customer needs consistently with continuous improvement programs. PT Hikari Teknologi Indonesia has also obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification for its quality management system, and has successfully implemented an occupational safety and health management system in accordance with the laws enacted by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on Occupational Health and Safety and the management system ISO 45001 : 2018.

Strive to be consistent with the support of skilled, dedicated, professional, and experienced personnel. So that PT. Hikari Teknologi Indonesia has been trusted by several national companies. We strive to provide comprehensive solutions to the construction business,  supplai materials, consumer goods, industrial machinery manufacturing business that we have.

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